How it works ?

Dr GOUGET will see you at the Desfeux medical center in Boulogne for an initial medical examination (IME).

The stages of this NDE for an adult take place as follows:

  1. I will take your photo as soon as you arrive to integrate it into the software éMedical.
  2. I will gather the essential documents for your file, including an identity document and certificates of vaccination against Covid 19. An update on other vaccines will be discussed.
  3. I create your file for preliminary examinations or I search for your file pre-established by the IRCC in éMedical.
  4. I have you sign the consent, the essence of which is your authorization for the collection and use of your personal medical data.
  5. Once these administrative steps have been completed, I will collect your medical information and then examine you as at your doctor. You can be accompanied.
  6. Subsequently, I will ask you two additional examinations:
    • A chest x-ray within the Desfeux medical center itself.
    • A blood test and urine examination at the medical analysis laboratory located two minutes from the medical center.
  • HIV serology (by blood test).
  • Syphilis serology (by blood test).
  • Plasma dosage (by blood test) of
    serum creatinine (kidney function).
  • Urine test strip for sugar (screening for diabetes), blood and proteins (screening for kidney pathologies).
  • It is preferable that women are not indisposed for urine examination.
  • This list is not exhaustive because other biological examinations may be added depending on the medical results.

For those under 15, the exam is reduced (see procedure below).

Once your initial medical examination (IME) has been completed, I will take care of finalizing your file. All your data is secure in éMedical.

If there are any problems, I will get back to you quickly within 48-72 hours either by email or by telephone to inform you and make the necessary arrangements. The absence of feedback from me within 3-4 days following your initial medical examination (IME) means that I have submitted your file to the IRCC. You will then have to wait for the response from the embassy.